On #FitnessFriday at Max Health, we take our coffee breaks seriously. Taking a break for some good Java can definitely be great, although if your day begins with one, then it doesn’t really count as a break…….. But there is definitely coffee! Today we are going to add some motion, toss in the requirement for some balance, and you have yourself a one of a kind workout that Kung Fu legends are made of! Place yourself in the “Jedi Zone” When you fill the mug to the top. This circuit workout may not look very challenging at first, but if you give it a shot with a cup that’s filled almost to the top, you just might figure out that it takes an amazing amount of muscle control to keep it from spilling…… Which is precisely the type of balance and muscle control that you will need to move with the sureness of a panther and the speed of a snake! Now go pick up that cup of joe!


Source: Darebee.com

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